Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Oakie!

I must admit, Oakley turning 2 has been hard for us to accept! I don't like the thought of him getting older, he will ALWAYS feel like my baby boy! We feel so blessed to have him as our little boy. He is the sweetest, most caring, and smartest 2 year old around! He makes us laugh all day long, and can melt your heart with those big brown eyes of his! Happy Birthday Oakie, we love you so much!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Morning...not quite!

I've been slacking on the blog lately, and have decided that I will no longer wait till I have cute pictures or some fun family activity to talk about. I just need to document our lives, the good and the, well, not so good! This morning for example, as soon as Adam left for work, so did the peace and quiet! As Oak was eating breakfast, Cooper woke up thinking he was starving. Upstairs we go, toast and all (and by all I mean every car he owns had to come too). Two trips up the stairs later, we are all settled in our room, both boys are happy and eating. Oakley decides he wants up on the bed with me and Coop. As I'm nursing with one arm, I grap Oak with the other arm and a leg to hoist him on up (this is where gymnastics classes would've paid off!) Nothing like nursing one while having the other crawling all over you and yelling "Hi Coopie" right in Coopers face (which is hilarious by the way!) Everyone is now happy, time for me to shower! Turn on the shower, and as I'm about to jump in the phone rings. Three phone calls, one doorbell, and 15 minutes later I get that shower. Mind you by now the waters getting cold, looks like a 3 min shower today! 7 minutes later I am showered and ready, yeah I'm sure my hair and makeup look like Oakley did it, but hey when you have 2 kids yelling and running around the bathroom while you are getting ready, you don't care about what you look like in the end! By this time, I'm ready for a nap, and it's only 11 am! Oh the life of a mom, I absolutely LOVE it!